5 Major Benefits of Replacing Your Electrical Panel

5 Easy Energy Saving Tips for Your Business

  1. Utilize Natural Light: Natural light is a great way to reduce energy costs in your business. Make sure to open blinds and curtains during the day to allow natural light to come in. This will reduce the need for artificial lighting and save energy.
  2. Install Motion Sensors: Motion sensors are a great way to save energy in your business. They will detect when someone is in the room and turn off the lights when the room is empty. This will help reduce energy costs and save money.
  3. Upgrade to Energy Efficient Appliances: Upgrading to energy efficient appliances can help reduce energy costs in your business. Look for appliances that are Energy Star certified and have the highest energy efficiency rating.
  4. Utilize Smart Power Strips: Smart power strips are a great way to reduce energy costs in your business. They will detect when an appliance is not in use and turn off the power to that appliance. This will help reduce energy costs and save money.
  5. Unplug Unused Electronics: Unplugging unused electronics is a great way to reduce energy costs in your business. Make sure to unplug any electronics that are not in use to reduce energy costs and save money.

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We offer more than 100 electrical services, and are adding more due to our customer needs. The videos below show our most popular services.


Circuit breaker keeps tripping? Power failure? Power outage? Lights not working after replacing the lamp? No electricity from the outlets? Don’t worry, we can help you!

Electrical Inspection

Comprehensive electrical inspections, from simple outlet and switch inspections to entire building inspections. Want to buy or rent a property? Have an Electrical Inspection first!

Electrical Panel/Circuit Breaker/Fuse/Meter Box

Are you in need of an electrical panel/circuit breaker/fuse/meter box installation or repair service? Look no further than the experts at our company!

Warehouse Electrician

We provide a thorough electrical solution for your warehouse storage system, tracking system, security system, transporting system, etc.

1-phase to 3-phase Upgrade

Need more power for your home or business? You may consider upgrade to your 1-phase power to 3-phase power! Therefore, the power is triplized!

Restaurant Electrician

Restaurant or bar renovation or improvement in Amsterdam? Contact our restaurant or bar electrician! We will make your restaurant, safe and modern.

EV Charger Installation

Professional EV Charger Installation Services in Amsterdam, For most EV chargers for your home and business, installation prices range from €200 – €2000, based on your requirements.

Shop Electrician

If you’re looking for the best electrical services in Amsterdam, you need to contact an experienced contractor like electrician-amsterdam.com.

Kitchen Electrician

We can take care of all your electrical needs, from fixing broken lights to wiring a whole new kitchen. Get in touch with our Amsterdam-based electrician for your kitchen.

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